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Professional Engineering Services

     Our offering includes Structured Problem Definition Services, Mathematical Modeling, Solution Design & Illustration, Prototype Creation, Software Development, Technical Documentation and Reporting.  These core Engineering Services form the foundation for a strong Practice and are complemented by our Business Consulting, Technology Licensing and Training streams.

Dr. John Ruggieri P.Eng PhD MBA 

     We are a private Engineering Practice fully licensed to operate in Ontario.  Our Practice is focused on creating value for excited project owners around the world.  By faithfully applying sound mathematical, engineering and business principles to hard problems, we create solutions that help your Project succeed!  Problems defined... Solutions designed!

What’s In Our Toolbox...

Microsoft Office Professional: With over 20 years of experience using Microsoft Office tools we can really make your business documents come alive. Program integration is our specialty!
Ranking by Consensus Methodology (RCM) and Tools: A suite of mathematical and software tools based on our Ph.D. Thesis. RCM can be used to model Decision Problems. Published in 2004, the toolset continues to be developed. 
Multi-Disciplinary Expertise: Deep theoretical understanding of a cross section of Engineering Disciplines and practical experience in diverse Industries including Financial Services, Mining and Information Technology. 
Global Perspective: Technology driven, we work on a global scale by embracing the Internet and all of its capabilities. Our solutions can be implemented on the latest platforms to become instantly accessible anywhere in the world. 
Research Know-how: If a solution to your problem already exists, we can find it!

What We Deliver...

3D Models:  Dynamic computer models to better estimate, plan and visualize your project.
Illustrations :  Large format diagrams.
Presentations:  Technical & Business presentations.
Reports:  Technical and Business reports.
Spreadsheets:  Financial and Engineering models that are intuitive and accurate.
Databases:  Customized multi-user Databases for tracking and reporting.
Software:  Custom designed and built Applications with Source Code and Documentation.

How We Work...

We love Projects! We want to make a contribution to your exciting Project!
We focus on Deliverables! Clear and correct deliverables ready on-time will keep your project on budget. We electronically iterate deliverable  production to reduce costs while assuring quality.
We fit your schedule!  Services are available in blocks of 100 hours which are then assigned to specific tasks focused on your Deliverables.
We track everything!  Hours, tasks, goals & projects!